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"Converts mosquito season to enjoy season..."

Sinexon Flyscreen Systems is registered trademark of IHSAN Yapi which is operating in the sector since 1990. Sinexon Flyscreen Systems is producing door and window flyscreens with following innovations and consolidation of superior raw materials with high quality workmanship. Sinexon serves contemporary solutions to spend a peacefull and happy summers that aways from the insects.

Flyscreen System Products

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We cover your verandas, balconies and winter gardens with Sinexon FlyScreen Systems...

We cover the places that you want to enjoy the summer days with flyscreen, and serve you liveable places. So you have to enjoy these flyless places...

Please contact us for planing and measuring your places that will cover with flyscreen...

Flyscreen is buy from Sinexon in Bursa and in Turkey…

The right solution for your requirements ( Pleated Flyscreen, Roller Flyscreen, Hinged Flyscreen, Sliding Flyscreen, PlisseLux, RollerLux, Spring Pinned Flyscreen, Fixed Flyscreen, can be shorten plisse kit Flyscreen, oval flyscreen and many custom solutions for your home&bussiness) is Sinexon Flyscreen Systems.

We are continue to give manufacturer dealership on pleated flyscreen...

We are continuing to give manufacturer dealership on pleated flyscreen and we serve all components of pleated flyscreen (aluminium profiles to make pleated screen, plisse flyscreen net, pleated slyscreen rope, pleated flyscreen accessories set, plastik strip for pleated flyscreen and another component and necessary machinery equipment for pleated fyscreen) to our dealer. Additionally we give Pleated Flyscreen Production(Cutting) Applicaiton, Pleated Flyscreen Costs Analysis Application, Plated Flyscreen Production Education and Showroom Stand according to aggrement with our dealers. Sinexon Pleated Flyscreen Systems is the easiest produced Pleated Flyscreen in Turkey and offering a lot of opening options.

Pleated Flyscreen Net import from Europe

Pleated Flyscreen Net which is import from Europe is in stock. Our sales are ongoing.

Flyscreen Revolution in Glass Balconies

You can cover wide openings with Pleated Flyscreen Systems that is very useful for Glass Balconies and you should enjoy your afternoon tea without mosquitos. You make barrier in front of your uninvited guests.

Flat Bottom Rail Pleated Flyscreen “PlisseLux”

PlisseLux is ideal and useful model for especially in Hebe-Schiebe Systems and do not want bottom rail to hang to your feet.

Roller Flyscreen Kit is started to sale...

Our Roller Kit (Roller body in specific sizes boxed and give great convenience to manufacturer and stock advantage) selling is keep going.

We give Manufacturer & Seller Dealership in Pleated Flyscreen


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